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Mac Moody

I enjoy helping others learn the sport and improve their game with focus on technique, strategy and mental toughness.  I play at the 4.5 level and earned my PPR Professional Certification in 2019.  I teach at The Rowdy Pickle in Atlantic Beach, FL.  My background in sports include coaching both tennis and gymnastics and have been actively involved in sports as a tennis player a competitive gymnast and marathon runner.  If you like working hard and improving your game I'm the coach for you. 


Team Engage Pickleball




Thank you for a really great clinic today, and every Saturday morning.  I really appreciate you so much.  I will miss you!  From a student who is a big fan!

Marty N

Hi Mac,  I just wanted to thank you 1000 times for working with me this winter.  You worked with me on my level - and immediately identified the foundational aspect of the game I should build on.  Its having those strokes and knowing how to look at the ball.  How high it is, where it's coming from and where you want to send it.  Honestly you are the best! 

Lorie L

I started taking lessons with Mac, to help with my transitioning and dinking skills.  With her clinics I have vastly improved and have more confidence playing.  I really appreciate her instruction.

Steve T

I was a newbie to Pickleball, I started taking lessons from Mac this past summer 2021, and fell in love with it.  She is very knowledgeable about all aspects of the game and she never gives up on you.  I would highly recommend her to everyone whether your a beginner or advanced player.  I promise you will not be disappointed.  Thanks Mac!

Cherie L

Mac teaches from the heart and with PASSION for the game.  I have been working with Mac for about 6 months.  Each week I am challenged in all areas of the game and she makes it fun.  I always leave motivated and with some new skills and insight.  She has helped me improve my game and be more confident on the court.

Susie B

Mac has helped me improve my Pickleball skills immensely!  She is very knowledgeable about what it takes to take your game to the next level.  Her group and one on one lessons are exceptional.  Mac really cares and wants to help you become a better player with technique and strategy.

Peggy R

I started working with Mac the first month that I was introduced to Pickleball.  So grateful that I found her.  I appreciate her teaching style and her love for the game.  Bonus she makes it really FUN!

Laurie E

With Mac you can keep advancing toward your dream.  Mac packs skill, insight and dedication into our training sessions.  I'm a better player and stronger mindset, technique and strategy on the court.  Thanks Mac!

Susan B

As a player who never picked up a paddle or racquet in my life, I was searching for a Pickleball instructor not only with knowledge of the game but patience.  I was a beginner with no form and zero knowledge.  Mac made me feel relaxed, comfortable and very encouraging.  She has taught me how to build on the skills.  Eight months later I'm playing in 3.5 tournaments and having a great time.  Bonus and medaling.  The best part is she's cares so much about making you a better player.  Call Mac today!!!

Abby H

What a great clinic today.  LOVED IT!  Your instruction and demo are so clear and spot on.  Wonderful things I continue to learn from you.  Bruce is a fabulous assistant.  Really appreciate you both.


Thanks for an amazing clinic.  I have learned so much and will continue to practice and reinforce the strategies and techniques you have shared for proper resets, dinking, volleys.  You are so delightful and put things in a way that makes sense.  I am heading back to Canada soon but I will continue to remember your wise words and encouraging support.  Thanks again Mac.  You've given me the confidence to feel that I can make progress and am not a lost cause.  Much appreciated.  

Darlene C

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Jacksonville Beach Florida Pickleball Lessons | Ponte Vedra Beach Pickleball Lessons | Jacksonville Pickleball

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